Talent Portfolio Shoots & Celebrity PR Photography

Talent portfolio shoots

Talent portfolio shoots and promotional Photography for artists, musicians, singers, presenters, comedians, actors, footballers and personalities. Her incredibly popular talent photoshoots with talent of all ages take place in her Notting Hill studio. She understands the importance of developing your brand and image and her stunning portfolios have a 'wow' impact. 

For emerging talent having a professional talent portfolio is not just nice to have - it is a MUST. You are a brand and as such need to promote yourself with high quality images of yourself which are up-to-date. Do you want to get noticed by sponsors, talent or casting agents? At London Photo Portfolios our celebrity portrait photographer Zuzana Breznanikova ensures that you have plenty of images to choose from - images that you stand out from other talent out there. 

Celebrity PR Photography

In celebrity PR photography it is important to show the personality of the subject which is the specialism of our celebrity portrait photographer Zuzana Breznanikova. At London Photo Portfolios, we work with PR agencies, publicists and magazines to deliver high quality portraits of high-profile individuals. Our photographer knows how to connect with the subjects and deliver promotional shots that will catch attention. With her ability to capture the personality and unique photography style, she creates emotive images of her high-profile subjects. Zuzana photographs and interviews actors and artists in the entertainment world with big following across different generations from Baby Boomers to Generation Z. She is available for editorial and PR commissions. If you are a publicist, PR agent or magazine editor looking for stunning celebrity portraiture look no further. Get in touch with us today.  

Celebrity PR stock shoots

We also specialise in PR photography stock photoshoots for future use on social and publications / magazines for celebrities, TV personalities, influencers, actors, actresses, musicians, singers and high-profile individuals and do

We have worked with some of the most renowned PR agencies, publicists, managers and VIP concierge companies in the world.

Our photographer can create amazing imagery for their clients with a number of different looks that can be used for global PR purposes with worldwide usage rights (as long as photographer does get credited).

We can offer special rates to celebrities depending on the celebrity status and potential for mutual exposure with credited work for magazines etc.

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Fashion shoot of model and influencer Sara Johansen at our studio London Photo Portfolios used by her management company to promote her

Check out some featured talent portfolios shoots by London Photo Portfolios

PR shoot for Made in Chelsea's Sophie Hermann

Made in Chelsea's Sophie Hermann influencer fashion shoot by London Photo Portfolios. Check out our interview Sophie Hermann - Made in Chelsea star

Talent shoot with Actor Craig McGinlay

Talent portfolio of Craig McGinlay around the time when he was filming Guy Ritchie's latest movie Knights of the Round Table: King Arthur. He has since also filmed Knightfall in Prague, Tellurian and Outlander. A former rugby player and model who has starred in a commercial ad for Haig Club alongside David Beckham and was signed with Storm Models. As an actor, Craig is represented by United Agents. He starred alongside celebrities like David Beckham and Jude Law. 

Actor Will Kemp photography

Actor photography of Will Kemp by Zuzana Breznanikova. Will is an English actor and classically trained dancer. He has worked with celebrity photographers including the late Peter Lindberg and Mark Seliger. He has filmed numerous TV shows and films including Van Helsing, The Reign, Spinning Out, Mindhunters, The Scorpion King 4, Nikita, Reign, Royal Matchmaker and Step Up 2. He is represented by top agent United Agents.

Musician Luchi Blue

Photoshoot with musician Luchi Blue with his cool vibe and style

'Fast and Furious' Actress Elysia Wren

PR photoshoot for actress Elysia Wren at JadeEast PR by London Photo Portfolios. Talent portfolio of actress Elysia Wren - star of 'Fast and Furious'.

Singer and songwriter Xiomara Crystal

Talent portfolio of singer and musician Xiomara Crystal by London Photo Portfolios

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