Talent Photography

Talent photography is an essential part to any individual wanting to get into the entertainment industry. Whether you need talent photography for your portfolio, or you are after PR photography, our in-house photographer Zuzana Breznanikova is an industry professional who has worked with a variety of different industries around the world. 

Casting Portfolios

Casting portfolios are a vital part of any actors tools. They are the first impression you give to casting agents, and can be the all important factor in whether you get an audition request. Here at London Photo Portfolios we know how you can break into the scene. Read our tips on where to start if you want to become an actor.

A casting portfolio should show your versatility, with a range of emotions and a personality key to any successful portfolio. Dependent on your role of choice, Zuzana will be able to accommodate all of your needs to make any actor stand out from the crowd.

Talent Portfolio Shoots

Our talent portfolio shoots are tailored for two separate industries, the music industry and celebrity PR. Our in-house photographer Zuzana has a wealth of experience shooting these two industries, and knows the requirements both require for the perfect professional photography.  Check out our blog on what to include in a music portfolio.

Talent agents and/or sponsors will be looking for someone who knows how to hold themselves in a photography shoot environment, as it is all about selling a brand that people will want to buy into and invest time in. 

Actor Headshot Photographer

Having a professional actor headshot photographer can make all the difference when it comes to receiving an callback. Whether you need black and white actor headshots or are looking to update part of your casting portfolio, the headshot is your calling card to get you to the next step in your career.

As a prime tool in your acting kit, having aprofessional photographer taking your actor headshots is a must if you want tobe taken seriously in a highly competitive industry. With London Photo Photography, this is exactly what you know you are getting. Our in-house photographer Zuzana has a proven track record of outstanding photography.

Book your talent shoot or call us if you have any questions on 02074594072

Check out short video from photoshoot with Sophie Hermann from Made in Chelsea

Check out Zuzana’s Instagram for to see the work of a top London-based photographer.

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