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In a competitive world, your business needs so much more than just a great product or service. As UK business becomes increasingly digital, it also becomes more visual - research shows that visual content, in particular, photography increases engagement, trust and brand awareness. Studies show that customers form a first impression of a company’s website and social media within seconds - which means that stock images or dull formal photographs are unlikely to add value to your brand.

A professional photography plays a critical role in company and personal branding. A good business portrait instigates trust and influences a client's decision to invest in your work or business. As a successful entrepreneur or CEO you will understand this and will want only the best portrait photographer for your PR / corporate images.

Great business portraits can mean the difference between your business standing out from the crowd and standing still. Your people are the heart of your business, which is why we take the time to make sure that each and every portrait conveys who you are, rather than just what you do. It needs to match your brand and form the right first impression.

Much more than just formal corporate headshots, at London Photo Portfolios, we believe in capturing your personality for a more natural and relaxed image that instills trust and makes you more approachable if that is your aim. We listen to your business needs and get to know both you and your brand.

We specialise in business portrait and PR photography for:

  • Websites
  • Brochures
  • Promotional Material
  • Social Media including LinkedIn
  • PR / media coverage
  • PR campaigns

Personal branding and PR shoot for Jeremy Parisi

Personal branding photography that captures your personality & instils trust

PR portrait of Tami Wahl - Washington D.C. Legislative and Regulatory Counsel

Personal branding photography for Martin Wilcocks - Award-winning wealth manager

Using the latest technology paired with flattering lighting, our business portrait photographer is expert at putting people at ease in order to capture them at their very best and, we use only natural editing techniques for high quality results.

At London Photo Portfolios, we understand that your business and every person is unique and, we use a number of creative and innovative techniques in order to reflect your ethos and branding in our corporate portrait photography work.

Based in London’s Notting Hill, we have a wealth of experience in portrait photography for business, branding and public relations - we work with entrepreneurs and CEOs of leading companies as well as many high profile clients, public figures and ultra high-net-worth individuals and PR agencies.

If you are looking for something different which will make you stand out and that will bring out your personality then you are at the right place. This is why many of our clients choose our business headshot photographer because of her unique style and uniqueness of her work. With the right lighting there is no need for airbrushing or retouching - unless you would like also black and white version and one is complimentary in each photo package. You can always decide later if you would like more.  

To commission a PR or personal branding photography session with our corporate and personal branding photographer, get in touch today by email.

To book a portrait sitting with Zuzana Breznanikova : email us. Her rate is £850 for a portrait sitting

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