Model portfolios

Here at London Photo Portfolios, we offer a range of model portfolio packages by our model portfolio photographer Zuzana Breznanikova. Our services are renowned for being professional and of high-quality, perfect for leading industry models and a real added bonus for those just starting out. 

What is a model portfolio? 

A model portfolio is a collection of photos that any professional model needs in their itinerary in order to get work. The portfolio is what you use to sell yourself, much like a product, if you will. The way this portfolio can be displayed is a personal choice, but the quality of those photos are what truly matters.

That is where we can help you. Our model portfolio photographer Zuzana is an industry leader, and has worked with a huge range of models.This experience has given Zuzana a diverse range of skills and creative ideas, giving her the ability to photograph stunning model portfolio shoots.

Follow our advice on what you need in a professional model portfolio.

Our Model Portfolio Services

Here at London Photo Portfolios, we offer arange of model portfolio photography services for both amateur and professional models. Whether you are looking to freshen up your image, or are embarking on a new career, our amazing photographer Zuzana will aim to bring out the best in you in a shoot.

You need to be able to show personality, range and different looks, so that you are best showcasing yourself to prospective agencies and companies. 

Male Model Portfolios

Our male model portfolio shoots are available as both studio and on location packages (in summer). 

Whether you want full body images, simple headshots or portraits, Zuzana will deliver professional photos for your model portfolio, which will help  attract attention and in turn result in an increase in demand.

Female Model Portfolios

Zuzana shoots professional female model portfolios, either in the London Photo Portfolios studio, and / or in an outdoor location in the proximity of the studio (weather permitting). 

With a choice of different backgrounds, and an entire range of shots and angles to choose from, Zuzana will work with you to show your best self, and lay the foundations on how to build a model portfolio.

Fitness Model Portfolios

A fitness model is perhaps one of the most difficult models to be, as it requires you to be both physically in shape, and make sure you have kept yourself well groomed. 

Making sure that you have anappropriate fitness model portfolio that shows off your  physique and the unique aspects that make you stand out from the crowd is crucial. The way a fitness model prepares for a shoot is different to other models, follow  advice on how to best prepare yourself for your fitness model portfolio shoot.

Junior Model Portfolios

Junior model portfolio shoots are unique in that you need  to show off youth and charisma. The shoot needs to be more engaging so that the young model is more likely to respond to some of the demands of a professional photography environment. Junior model portfolio shoots is also an excellent confidence booster for children and young adults, as well as offering them a unique life experience!

If you are interested in a model portfolio shoot, get in contact with London Photo Portfolios and book in a slot with Zuzana today! 

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