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Fashion photography needs to be approached withincredible attention to detail, and here at London Photo Portfolios, this issomething we pride ourselves on. Whether you are after editorial or commercialfashion photographer shoots, we deliver expertise in every element of work wecomplete.

Whether you want a fashion shoot to take placein our London studio, or you want to go on location anywhere in the world, ourprofessional photographer ZuzanaBreznanikova is aleading industry professional with a huge portfolio of work and experiencebehind her.

No client is ever the same, which is why eachone of our fashion photography shoots are tailored to your exact needs,ensuring all objectives are met so that you are getting the most out of thesession. Everyone has a different vision, and we are in a unique position to beable to recognise different styles and approach each fashion shoot from a freshperspective, so that you brand image is captured for all it is. Target marketsalways vary, so you can rest assured that with Zuzana’s open-minded approach,your needs are guaranteed to be met.

Our fashion photographer Zuzana has a hugeamount of experience in industry, most recently for Harrods, as well as havingher fashion photography published in Vogue Italia & PhotoVogue.

No fashion shoot with London Photo Portfoliosis ever the same,  and  you can be assured that Zuzana’s commitmentto working closely with you will get thevisually stunning campaign you need to help your creative vision come alive.Zuzana doesn’t just work with you, she works with your entire team to make surethat your end goal is achieved.

Zuzana has vast experience working withstylists, and knows how to create a mutually beneficial connection with them sothat creative visions can be realised. This commitment to work is the case forboth studio and location based fashion photography, whether it is for menswearand womenswear. The images captured can be used in print and online, orwherever else you want them to be displayed, the options are limitless.

Whetherthe fashion photography shoot is for commercial media, in house exhibitions orbrand advertising purposes, here at London Photo Portfolios, Zuzana workedacross multiple industries. Her fashion photography has been used forcampaigns, PR materials, fashion look books, brochures, websites and magazines,both in London, nationally and internationally.

Contact London Photo Portfolios today so that you can discuss your vision, shoot requirements and budget today. Zuzana is dedicated to assisting brands and designers make visions a reality, just check out her Instagram to see just some of the work she has been involved in.

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