Why are family portraits so important?

Here are so of the main reasons why family portraits are important.

Professional portrait shoots can be fun and unforgettable experience especially for kids and teenagers and can create a bonding experience. Professional family and kids portraits can increase your child’s self-esteem. Having stunning portraits makes the whole family proud and looking through the images you can recollect that experience. As children grow quickly, it is important to document the changing look and celebrate the next milestone whether it is a birthday, anniversary or graduation. The photos help you remember those moments and you can share those with your grandchildren one day. Great family portraits also make great decor in the house or office and remind you of how fortunate you are having such a beautiful family. You can also share them on Facebook with your family and friends - who doesn’t like to receive amazing feedback on their children. 

Why does it pay off to hire a pro? 

It pays off to hire a professional portrait photographer as they are expert at taking portraits and making people looks as photogenic as possible. A good photographer will give your great tips and advice and knows how to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera. Personally as a photographer I think it is an important skill to have to get people relax in front of the lens during a portrait shoot

Many of our clients come back each year for kids photoshoot to update and document those younger years that are so precious - children grow so fast. 

Kids B&W portraiture of Reuben Majithia by our portrait photographer

Kids photshoot of Reuben Majithia at London-Photo-Portfolios

kids portrait by family portrait photographer at London Photo Portfolios

Portrait of Reuben Majithia by London kids and family portrait photographer

Kids portraits of the same boy Reuben in a similar pose but 1-2 years apart.

Our photographer at London Photo Portfolios photographs a lot of VIP families and even royalty.


family-portraiture - portrait-of-siblings—London-Photo-Portfolios

Our photographer at London Photo Portfolios photographs a lot of VIP families and even royalty. We can also shoot siblings separately for example or take individuals portraits of your kids. Our studio provides a very relaxed setting and atmosphere and is situated in lovely area of Notting Hill - just off Westbourne Grove. Why not to combine your shoot with a trip to London or some of the famous restaurants nearby like many our clients do? 

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