What does a model portfolio need?

Do you want to become a model and wondering what does a professional model portfolio / book need? Here are our top 5 tips for those starting out in the modelling industry:

1. Be yourself

It might sounds obvious but many aspiring models end up going to a makeover studio for their model portfolio shoot and end up with images which look nothing like them - too much makeup, hair styling or poses. The images need to look like you when you walk into castings otherwise you will not get the modelling job. There is no heavy retouching needed either - the lighting and natural looking makeup can be used in such a way that it enhances and evens out your complexion slightly even with ‘no-makeup look’ that is popular with model agencies as they want to see the natural you. 

2. Versatility

A good model portfolio will show how versatile you can be as a model. It needs to appeal to many different brands and clients and showcase different looks without going over the top. Some model portfolio photographers do have fashion wardrobe which can help a lot in achieving such versatility in your portfolio but it is more than just clothing. It is about different moods and composition and a variety of different expressions which are combined with a harmony achieving a completely different look. It is important that the portfolio does not look all the same. Ideally you need at least 6 different looks. 

3. Being tailored to you

Model portfolio needs to be tailored to your specifically depending on the type of modelling that you are suited for. There is no point having purely fashion editorial images in your portfolio if you have a commercial look and vice versa. Are you not sure what type of a model are you? Then check out this blog on the different types of modelling

4. Professional images

All the images in your model portfolio need to be taken by a professional photographer. The most important thing to consider is the choice of photographer for model portfolio shoot for your book

5. High quality photography

Do not think for a second that if you found a photographer who is cheap that it will help you in your modelling career. Portfolios from many photographers are actually ‘useless’ as some big agencies put it. Here is a blog on how to choose the best model portfolio photographer which you might find helpful. 

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