Difference between editorial and commercial modelling?

The models normally fall into two categories - editorial or commercial. 

Commercial fashion photography are used to display and sell products, clothes, jewellery etc. The model criteria including height for commercial modelling are often less strict than for fashion editorial / catwalk models. Models normally have more ‘classic’ look and brands like to cast the model that they think would represent their brand best. Commercial modelling can be quite lucrative and if you want to be a commercial model it does help to have a nice smile and friendly personality - no photographer or brand wants to work with a model who is difficult. Nowadays all ages are cast for commercial shoots and ‘classic’ or ‘timeless’ models (models over 25) are also in demand as not all brands market their products to the younger generation. 

See sample of commercial photography by Zuzana Breznanikova of London Photo Portfolios

Editorial models tend to have unusual and often edgier look than commercial models. Editorial fashion shoots are for a magazine and editorial photoshoots normally have a theme or story. In order to become fashion and catwalk model with top fashion editorial model agencies you will need to be very tall with few exceptions like Kate Moss! It is considered to be more prestige type of modelling and editorial shoots (even if not financially lucrative) can be great for model’s exposure and lead to big advertising campaigns. All the top modelling agencies like Elite London look for editorial models scouting for the next big face. Normally models with top model agencies start building model portfolio / book quite young - even as young as 14 or 15! 

See some sample fashion editorial shoots by Fashion photographer London Zuzana Breznanikova

editorial modelling shoots

men editorial shoots

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I am a fashion photographer based in London shooting both commercial and editorial photography. If you would like to get a professional model portfolio or update existing one then check out my model portfolio shoots. Good model book should show your versatility and show your full potential as a model. I shoot model books for both commercial and editorial fashion modelling depending on the look of the model. I photograph both women / female model portfolios and men / male model portfolios

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