Should you pay to join a model agency?

Have you been asked to pay an upfront fee to join a modelling agency? Should you pay to join a model agency?

The simple answer is NEVER. A reputable and legitimate model agency will never ask you to pay any upfront fees to join their agency. Good model agencies work on a commission basis - they get you modelling work and take out their model agent commission (usually around 22%) before paying you modelling fee so beware of any model agency asking you for any fee upfront. 

There are a lot of model advice agencies / companies that ask you to apply on their website with your picture. Once you do they will contact you telling you that you have a modelling potential and the next thing you know they will be asking you to pay money. Beware of any free model portfolio shoots as well - the shoot might be ‘free’ but you are likely to find that there are hefty fees to pay for your pictures after your photoshoot. 

Our advice is not to join any model agency that is not reputable and approved by the AMA (Association of Model Agents) especially if they asking you to pay a fee for joining.

At London Photo Portfolios we are clear that we are not model scouts. Our photographer is the industry leading model portfolio photographer who produces high quality professional model portfolios with no hidden extras. All our model portfolio packages are all-inclusive of all your photos and you get to take them with you on the day of your model portfolio shoot. At the end of the shoot you will also receive a free modelling advice including the type of modelling you might be suited for e.g. editorial versus commercial and the next steps. 

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