Professional audition headshots - David Nutley

Check out professional actor headshots of David Nutley taken by our top actor headshot photographer in London Zuzana Breznanikova.

professional audition headshots - David-Nutley-by-Actor Photographer Zuzana-Breznanikova

professional acting headshot of David-Nutley - b&w

Portrait for auditions of David-Nutley

Professional auditon headshot of actor David-Nutley

b&w professional audtion headshot of David-Nutley

David Nutley is an actor and established model with Premier Model Management in London. During the photography session we did many different looks from friendlier to tougher characters and I was amazed by his ability to act and switch to different roles so quickly. He is extremely photogenic and has that Brad Pitt appeal which will most certainly help his acting career. See below some of his casting portfolio images from the shoot.

“I met Zuzana for the first time on our shoot day. First of all it was a pleasure to be asked to shoot with her and the experience was amazing - a very relaxed fun professional experience. The headshots and portraiture work we accomplished together were great with lots of diversity. She also brings something different to her work, an interview with talent to give her followers a real insight of the talent in front of her lens!”

David Nutley

actor portfolio of David-Nutley

actor portrait of David-Nutley for auditions

character portfolio of actor David-Nutley

character portrait for auditions for David-Nutley

Read the interview with David Nutley we did on the day to find out more about him - he is very interesting as a person so a great read. 

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