Modelling book for aspiring models on how to get into modelling

Do you want to become a model? Are you wondering how to get into modelling?

We have been asked by many of our clients to write a book on modelling so here it is finally! It is the essential guide to modelling. The aim of the book is to provide helpful resources for aspiring models and their parents. A lot of people want to become models but are not sure where to start. This book is the ultimate guide for aspiring models and parents of teens with modelling potential - female or male. Below we give you a brief outline of the book so you know what you are getting. 

The fashion industry professionals often describe models as having ‘editorial’ versus ‘commercial’ look. You might be wondering what is the difference between editorial and commercial modelling? 

In the first chapter of the book we explain the difference as well as other types of modelling. Your look or strengths will determine the category you might be most suitable for. The most well-known is fashion or editorial modelling which usually includes runway. There is also commercial, fitness or sport, body modelling, classic / timeless, curve / plus size and newer categories for talent, special bookings, social or influencers. This chapter describes each category and the importance of determining the right category for you.

So many people get tricked by so called model scouts, ads promising a modelling career or many other tactics including applying to agencies on your behalf. Don’t be one of those many people - learn about the things to watch out for.

The Chapter 2 of our book on modelling will explain some of the tactics and tricks that some model advice and support agencies, fake model agencies and scouts use to scam models. It is important to remember that a reputable model agency would NEVER ask you to pay any fee. 

Do you want to start building a model portfolio to get modelling jobs but not sure how? In this chapter we will give you 5 steps to building a professional model portfolio / model book for castings. We will teach you about how to put portfolio together. 

Are you worried about contacting the wrong model agencies or which are the reputable ones? Would you like to know about the best ways to apply to them?

In chapter 4 you can find a list of reputable model agencies for editorial and commercial modelling and advice on how to apply to them and things to avoid. The requirements for commercial versus editorial agencies are different and so does the level of guidance which is illustrated with examples. The book will also share tips on best ways to approach agencies and things to avoid when contacting or approaching them. 

Did you not get signed by a model agency? Are you wondering if you can work as a freelance model?

In chapter 5 we will give you guidance on how to become a freelance model. Getting signed by a model agency is very competitive but if you don’t get signed you can still work as a model on a freelance basis. The book will provide the list of resources  and tips you need to apply to castings and market yourself as a freelance model. 

Learn about the fashion industry and about the life as a model from established models

In the final sixth chapter, we feature interviews with professional models that will provide you with an insight into a life as a model and the fashion world of modelling with model tips and advice.  Modelling is not always as glamorous as some people think and motivation, hard work, positive attitude, patience and professionalism are required of models.

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So many of our clients are excited about the book which so many have called for. Part of the proceeds go to charities so it is for a good cause as well. 

Zuzana is the go to photographer when it comes to professional model portfolios with all five-star customer reviews on Google. She has photographed models from the majority of reputable model agencies in London in her central London fashion and portrait photography studio in Notting Hill. In this book you will benefit from her 17+ years of industry experience and from her knowledge. 

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