Getting the best from your child’s photo session

Picture Perfect - Getting The Best From Your Child’s Photo Session

A picture can paint a thousand words and, a great, professional photograph of your child is something you’ll treasure for life. 

A professional child photographer will have a trick or two up his or her sleeve to put your child at ease and capture them at their best but, there are also a few things that you can do beforehand to make sure that the shots you receive are the best that they can be. 

As professional as your photographer is, a distressed or confused child is never going to result in the best pictures.  Similarly, the way your child is dressed can make a difference  to the end result. To help make the day go as smoothly as possible, we’ve put together our parents’ guide to getting the best from your child’s photo shoot.

It’s good to talk

Ahead of the session, talk to your child about the photo session and what will be involved.  For older children, this is a good time to explain the behaviour which will be expected of them during the session. It’s a good idea to tell your child that the photo session will be fun and that, as it may take what the child considers a long time, they’ll have earned a treat once it’s finished. Making sure that your child knows what to expect will help things run much more smoothly and will help you to avoid the meltdown of a confused or distressed child. 

Practice makes perfect

As well as explaining the session to your child, it’s worth running through a ‘practice session’ at home to get your child used to the process.  Look at the photographs you’ve taken together and ask your child which they like best - this will help to make him or her feel involved in the process and, therefore, feel more relaxed on the day. 

Dress to impress

It’s only natural that you want your child to look his or her best in your photographs but, bear in mind your child’s comfort.  Check with your photographer to ascertain the approximate temperature of the studio and choose an outfit in which your child won’t be too hot or cold. Similarly, although you may feel that that headband, hat or shirt and tie combo looks really cute, for a child, these things can often feel restrictive and may not produce the best results - a happy, comfortable child will always be so much cuter than any accessory possibly could be.  The choice of outfit is, of course, up to you but, most photographers prefer that you avoid busy or distracting patterns - for young children, plain, bold colours work really well.  Finally, don’t forget to bring spare clothing with you in case of any accidents!

Saved by the Baby-bel

A hungry or thirsty child is never going to be the ideal model.  Make sure that you bring plenty of water or juice and non-messy, easy to eat snacks such as fruit to make sure that you avoid hungry diva style tantrums. In case you didn’t know Vitamin C can help with stress management so eating some fresh fruit can help. 

The Director’s cut

During the photo session,you may be tempted to ‘momanage’ by telling your child how to smile or how to pose. Trust us, this will only serve to irritate and upset your child who may not understand what it is that you expect of them.  You know your child better than anyone and, the best way to get great, natural results, is to make them laugh.  Bring along a favourite toy or accessory in order to make your child feel happy and relaxed. 


Children often pick up on the mood of their parents so, if you’re nervous or anxious, there’s a good chance that they will be too.  Remember, your photographer is a professional and is invested in getting the best possible pictures of your child.  Speak to your photographer beforehand about any concerns you may have - this is particularly important if you child has special needs or a condition which may affect the session. 

By following these simple guide-lines, you can help to make sure that the session is fun and stress-free for you and your child - then, all you need to do is relax and leave the rest to your professional photographer.

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