Kids talent & model portfolio shoot of Sarah Qistina Lim

Our kids model portfolio photographer Zuzana did a photoshoot with super talented Sarah Qistina Lim who really impressed her. The child model portfolio shows a lot of versatility with many different looks from commercial to more editorial photos and from more casual to luxury fashion with a variety of expressions and poses. There were so many great options to choose from and was not easy to select just few good images. 

B&W headshot of kids actress Sarah Qistina Lim

Luxury kids photoshoot in London by top kids model portfolio photographer

“Sarah is a very cool kid. She has so much energy and focus on the set - modelling and performing comes very natural to her. Sarah takes instruction very well and is truly a bundle of joy; super easy and fun to work with! She is so talented on so many different levels and have no doubt that we will see more of Sarah in the world of acting and modelling”. 

London photographer Zuzana of London Photo Portfolios

Luxury fashion shoot for kids - model Sarah Qistina Lim

Fashion shoot - kids .jpg

Kids editorial Fashion shoot with Sarah Qistina Lim

Fashion shoot with Sarah Qistina Lim

Kids fashion modeling portfolio - London photoshoot with Sarah Qistina Lim

Kids modeling portfolio of Sarah Qistina Lim

Sarah Qistina Lim is a young actress who was one of the main casts in the global TV show “Go Iguanas!”. She has a passion for performing and loves to act, sing and dance from a very young age. Often complimented for her instinctiveness  and her ease for naturalness on screen and on stage, she is a delight to watch! She has skills in improvisation, scene-study, acting techniques for film acting, auditioning for films and television, musical theatre and speech & drama. She has also dance skills including ballet, jazz as well as vocal skills in musical theatre and pop songs. Blessed with a rare gift - Absolute Pitch also known as Perfect Pitch, she can identify and reproduce every note in a chord without external hints! She can also play many musical instruments including cello, oboe, drum, guitar, piano and guzheng. What a multi-talented young girl - she even plays cello in an orchestra. When she is not gracing the stage, she enjoys life by playing golf, horse riding, ice skating, cycling, swimming, roller skating, roller blading and riding razor scooter. 

Such a cute look from fashion shoot with kid Sarah Qistina Lim

Sarah Qistina Lim from her kids model portfolio shoot in London

Kids fashion photoshoot with Sarah Qistina Lim

Photoshoot for Children modelling - kids model Sarah Qistina Lim

Very cool fashion portfolio for child model Sarah Qistina Lim

Sarah having fun during her fashion shoot in our photography studio

Follow Sarah Qistina Lim on Instagram for some behind-the-scenes photos and videos and even tutorials on how to play golf! So many things one can learn from this 9-year old! 

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