How to use Instagram to promote yourself

Many actors and models ask me how to use Instagram to promote themselves; build their brand. 

Here are 10 Tips for promoting yourself on Instagram as a model / actor and growing a genuine following:

1. Post regularly

It is important to post regularly to reach a wide audience. Posting once a week is not sufficient if you want to grow a following. If you are a working actor or model, you might want to share some behind-the-scene images from you photo shoot or movie that you are working on. Share what you are passionate about. Follow influencers that inspire you. 

2. Consider Timing

The timing of posts on Instagram is important. Think when are people you are targeting likely to be most active on Instagram - this is usually best time to post. If you are not sure you could try posting at different times but obviously not when your target audience is asleep. Instagram posts are short-lived and it is likely that you post will get buried behind many other ones overnight even with your existing followers. 

3. Use relevant hashtags

Use relevant hashtags which could get you noticed such as model. If you would like a chance to get noticed by a big modelling agency like IMG you might want to try using their #WLYG hashtag which they use to scout new faces - it stands for ‘We Love Your Genes’. However it is advisable to use other more generic hashtags also to develop wider following such as #photooftheday.

4. Do not overpost

Avoid posting over-posting. Did you just do a great shoot which you can’t wait to share? Be patient and space out the posts with no more than few posts a day. If users see multiple postings from the same person on the same day they are likely to unfollow that person.

5. Stay authentic

It is important to be yourself and stay authentic. You don’t want others to follow a persona which is not you or you will be sick pretending to be this other person. People are likely to notice if you are authentic or not. 

6. Capture a moment

Rather than trying hard posing for a photo try capturing a moment. Such photos tend to be popular on Instagram. 

7. Engage with people with similar interests to you

The best way to grow following is to engage with people who have similar interests to you. However be careful as too much activity for example liking of photos or commenting could get your account suspended. 

8. Promote your Instagram on other social media platforms

Do you use other social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter - make sure you utilise these platform and cross-post each time you create a post on Instagram. With cross-posting from Instagram to Facebook you can achieve a higher reach. 

9. Do not buy followers

Do not ever be tempted by buy followers. First of all you are likely to get banned from Instagram. Secondly, do you really want to have fake following that doesn’t engage with you nor does it help to develop your influence. In fact it can damage your brand and reputation - everyone will be able to tell that your following is fake and they will not engage with your content or help you get any work. The simple way to check is to scroll down through anyone’s Instagram followers and see if there are many followers with no profile pictures. 

10. Be patient

It is hard nowadays to grow Instagram unless you are a celebrity. It takes time. Make sure you are posting engaging content and that you are consistent. 

Zuzana Breznanikova is a fashion, talent and portrait photographer in London with 46k followers on Instagram. 

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