How to get best out of your PR photography

Head And Shoulders Above The Rest - How to get the best out of your PR photography

As the CEO or owner of a business, you know that, when it comes to attracting new clients, image is everything.  From your logo to your premises, clear branding and imagery is the key to your success.  This is especially true when it comes to your corporate and PR photography as, often, this is the first impression that a potential client will gain from your business. 

When it comes to your online presence, some studies show that content containing photography is 40 times more likely to be noticed and shared. Great, professional photography can help raise the profile of your business - when people read or hear information they will, on average, remember around 10% of that information a few days later, however, this rises to a staggering 65% if that information is accompanied by a photograph or image.  It is, therefore, essential that your corporate and PR photography hits the right note. As professional corporate and PR photographers, we know a thing or two about getting the perfect shot and so,  we’ve put together our guide to getting the best from your corporate and PR headshots. 

Get your story straight

Branding is all about telling the story of your business - and your photography should reflect that story. Before booking your corporate headshot photo session, decide on the kind of image you wish to present and then communicate this to your photographer.  Whether you’re going for super-formal or a more relaxed image, having this information beforehand will be really helpful in the planning of your session. 

Location, location, location

Once you’ve decided on the image you’re looking to present, it’s time to think about the location of your photography session.  Studio photography is ideal for formal shots. Although outdoor shots can look different, it is of course important to remember that you’ll be at the mercy of the elements.

Dress to impress

Although everybody is, of course, different, a rule of thumb when it comes to business and PR photography is to dress the way that you would if you were meeting a new client.  A smart suit or outfit without too many different patterns or colours works best - and do avoid anything too right-this-minute unless you intend to update your photography regularly. 

When it comes to personal expression and grooming, you know your business better than anyone but, for the best results, we would always advise keeping hair and make-up neat and simple (most portrait studios include professional makeup which is recommended to even out skin tones and avoid any skin reflections. 

Feeling good and looking great

Where possible, try to book your session for a time when you are likely to be at your least stressed. When we’re under pressure and working long hours at times such as the fiscal year end, we rarely look our best and can appear pale and tired.  Try to aim for the end of a holiday or long weekend when you’re at your freshest and most relaxed.    

Setting the scene

Some people like to feature props in their photography session such as sample products or a 3D logo. However you need to make sure that this style of photography is in keeping with your brand and won’t date quickly due to product being discontinued or upgraded. 

As professional, corporate and PR photographers, we can help you to make the most of your session by including a consultation at the beginning of your shoot to make sure that we understand who you are and, what makes you and your business tick. 

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