How to become a freelance model?

Getting signed by a model agency is not easy. Reputable modelling agencies get hundreds of application from new faces every week. However nowadays you can be a freelance model - your own agent. The advantage is that you get to keep model agency fees. The disadvantage is that you will need to invest in your modelling career yourself. Here are some steps on how to become a freelance model.

Register with modelling platforms

There are modelling platforms where you can create a model profile for free and apply for castings directly. For example in you can register for free, create a profile and can be found by the fashion industry professionals. Other useful platforms for freelance models are and possibly star But always stay vigilant on these platforms. Always make sure someone knows where you are and don’t get scammed. 

Utilise social media 

Social media is very powerful and even model agencies and their models utilise it. The best social media platforms for models are Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Those models with a large following often find it easier to get lucrative advertising contacts. Social media influencers who might not necessarily look like supermodels can also command fees in thousands for each social media campaign / post. Keen an eye on our blog where we will be giving advice to models on how to promote themselves on social media including Instagram.

Get a professional website

Having your own website as a model is not only impressive but can also help to develop your brand. Having an online model portfolio website gives you also flexibility in this digital age. A print model book is only useful once you get a casting and see the client in person but a portfolio website allows you to promote yourself online. It can also be searchable in Google under your name which adds to your credibility and online presence. If you choose a photographer to design your online portfolio website you will also benefit from the photographer’s eye, industry experience and their perspective. As photographers are likely to be your future clients having a portfolio designed by them rather than a web designer can give your online portfolio an edge as a model.    

Promote your website

Once you have your website you will need to promote it on social media. You can also provide a website link in your email and share it with your friends. You can also add it to your model comp card.

Get a model comp card

All model agencies use comp cards - they are like business cards for models and contain a number of images. When you go to castings you will be expected to give them a model comp card. If you don’t have one you might not as well bother to go to a casting as they are unlikely to remember you without one. In castings they see many models so you need to make sure you leave them with a professional comp card. You can get a photographer to design one for you - don’t try to design it yourself but leave it to a professional. Express your interest in model comp card design

Get professional modelling pictures

You will need strong professional modelling images for your website, model comp card and model book. Check out this blog on choosing a model portfolio photographer. You can also use the modelling photos to promote yourself on your social media channels. Models tend to post a mixture of selfies and photos from professional shoots on their Instagram. 


Remember that you are a brand and brands market themselves. Opportunities won’t come knocking on the door if you just sit there. You need to be active and develop relationships in the industry as well as applying for castings.  Networking at fashion events and brand launches might be a good way of getting your name out there. 

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