How professional kids portrait can boost your child’s self-esteem

Professional kids portrait can help to build self-esteem of children and teens alike. One study conducted by Tulane University found 37% increase in self-esteem in those children who participated in photography / shoot. Having a professional photoshoot can be a confidence boosting experience and give children a sense of accomplishment. Also having great photos of your kids displayed in the house can make them and you as a parent proud and result in many compliments from family and visitors. Professional photographer can make kids look their best resulting in great portraiture that your child and you will be proud and want to cherish forever. It can in fact be a life-changing experience in some circumstances. 

When choosing a photographer you might want to check out their reviews and make sure that that the photographer is positive and encouraging with great reviews especially from parents. Who wouldn’t like to feel like a start / celebrity for a day being photographed by a fashion or celebrity portrait photographer? Our kids portrait and model portfolio shoots can make amazing and thoughtful GIFT. 

As a parent you probably tell your kids that she or he looks amazing but a word of a professional can carry more weight - your kid is more likely to believe in; as long as the feedback is genuine. Such feedback can help your kids to develop positive body image which can be so difficult nowadays with the pressure of social media and magazine in which celebrities appear ‘perfect’. In a professional shoot like this your kid will also learn that a lot of the glam and ‘perfection’ comes from the lighting, posing and special industry tricks that they can learn on the day. 


Check out review from Liz; parent of lovely Darcy who had amazing time during the kids model portfolio photoshoot:

“My daughter Darcy had the most super experience with Zuzana during her first photoshoot. Zuzana was amazing at making Darcy feel at ease and was so encouraging and positive throughout. For Darcy’s age photoshoot can be quite tiring and after a while child may lose interest, but I can wholeheartedly say Zuzana kept Darcy interested at all times, and changing outfits not at all demanding. My little girls is ‘flying high’ after her best experience. Thank you Zuzana. 

I would most certainly recommend Zuzana!” 



Above is a portrait of Reuben Majithia from his third photoshoot with our photographer Zuzana - he loves the shoots so much that he asked for a portrait shoot with Zuzana as a gift for his birthday. Reuben is very talented and got featured on our blog - click on Reuben’s name to check it out. 

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