The Relevance of First Impressions and Proper Branding

Most decisions that customers make are determined by the first impressions they get from a brand. The outward appearance of yourself, product, shop or brand is normally used by clients and prospects to determine whether you are professional and reliable or not. 

As many entrepreneurs ignore the fact customers judge the book by its cover, it is the truth, your outward appearance can build your brand or ruin it. 

Where First Impressions Are Cultivated 

First impressions can be made in various ways. You need to know where clients normally meet your brand for the first time. Even in your brand awareness campaigns, you must always ensure you present your content, imagery, and visuals in a professional way that will mimic positive impressions from your clients and prospects by working with a professional PR photographer and creative agency for your brand whereas you are a business or public figure

Store Front and It’s Surrounding 

Your Shop or Store Fronts- Storefronts are always important when it comes to creating first impressions. Let it be clean, tidy and well-organised to yield a welcoming nature. Your staff at the door must be polite and well-informed to ensure they assist clients perfectly. A dirty storefront always indicates you are careless, unprofessional and unreliable. Clients may look for other alternatives. 

Websites Performance and Content 

Your website is your virtual store and before people inquire or order your products, they first visit your website. The website is what grows interest and desire for people to use your products. Make sure it is mobile optimised and has the best helpful content for your clients. 

Quality product pictures, excellent website responsiveness and proper arrangement of navigational icons display professionalism. The way your e-store is arranged determines whether you are a professional or not. Find an e-commerce guru who can build your website and make it satisfactory to your users. 

Social Networks Completeness 

Don’t make a mistake of leaving your social media profiles incomplete. Include your brand photo, your contacts, your opening hours and addresses so that you humanize your brand. Leaving social media profile incomplete gives the impression that you are not serious in your business dealings. 

Engage your customers and hunt more followers. Well-established social media pages always give the impression that a brand is trustworthy. Update content, let people comment and share it. This way new customers will know you are a real brand that can be trusted. 

You Don’t Need to Fake Your Appearance to Please Clients

You don’t need to spend a fortune in developing your appearance, just make sure your social media presence, storefront and website appearances are all welcoming. Every aspect of your website, social media presence and website performance must work towards enhancing your product image. Aim at three things, creating positive memories of your brand, building customer loyalty and generating return purchases for your business. Likewise if you are a public figure and able to show authenticity you can build a dedicated fan base and following that can lead to bigger opportunities. 

Branding and Impressions 

Branding can be achieved through various ways such as display of a professional logo, slogan, and design scheme or even media commentary. There is no specific approach that entrepreneurs can use to create a positive branding. Excellent Branding is achieved through the accumulation of customer experiences related to product use, brand marketing, and even imagery.

Colours, logos and product pictures are often known to be the determinants of branding but there are other factors such as values, ideas, and even personality. Focus on creating a perfect brand image through logos, slogans, fonts, and product pictures so that you make customers make you a priority. 

Positive branding cannot be achieved overnight, it needs persistence and consistency. The ever-evolving market calls for creative ideas to ensure there is a formulation of effective branding strategies. 

You May Be Killing Your Own Brand through Your Advertisements

Reaching out to a lot of markets is good but it does not mean every market you step in directly gives your customers. First make sure your imagery, outward appearance, and business content are professional. If all these aspects are bad, then every audience you reach to deems your brand as unprofessional.

Bad impressions lead to bad media commentary which means your reputation will be bad. For that reason, ensure all your branding aspects are perfect, professional and mimic a lot of reliability. Every positive impression you create automatically result in a customer or a referral. 

Aim at Creating Positive Experiences 

You can make the best campaigns in the markets and gather maximum attention from your audience but if you don’t know how to serve them, you will earn a bad reputation. Offer excellent customer service, top quality products or services and ensure you offer after sale services. Such practices will enable you to harvest excellent reviews and top ratings.  A positive reputation is always hard to beat so you will always be a priority to many clients. 

First impressions are important in this competitive world, within your first seconds’ exposure to clients, you can either win them or lose them.

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Is Photography Essential to Corporate Branding?

A company’s uniqueness and professionalism can be mimicked through top quality photos that enable customers and prospects to understand the brand perfectly. Corporate photography is on the rise as an effective and influential marketing tool that grabs the attention of audiences. 

In the past, photos were used to display managers and official business partners either shaking hands or seated on fancy chairs. Things have changed; companies display photos of their products as well as photos of their managers and employees to showcase brand personality and culture. 

A good business portrait photographer can bring to the surface the company’s personality by creating photographic displays products, employees, services and other important aspects. Photos enhance the branding of the company into customers’ minds enabling them to differentiate your brand from your competitors. 

Corporate photography can feature different company components in your gallery. Photos of your products, office or company staff can be posted on your social media pages, websites, and brochures. 

By posting photos on such platforms, you create brand consistency enabling your audience in different platforms to understand your brand perfectly. Facebook and Instagram are some of the platforms where photos are highly cherished by followers. The advantage of photos is that they can be posted either in real-time or later. 

Branding with Corporate Photography 

To ensure your company or brand photography is looks great, creativity is needed to decide how products should be displayed to showcase your brand quality and attractiveness. Any brand photography must be made in a way that rhymes with the nature of the brand. In such a competitive world, corporate photography can enable you to create experimental brand marketing that will entice and convince clients. Photos create a visual communication to your audience that enables your brand to stand out and precipitate interest from viewers. 

Take Meaningful and Creative Headshots 

Many companies display their company leaders and employees with an intention to make customers understand their company in detail. That is perfect but in this competitive world, you need to be very creative. Headshots are commonly used because they work best as compared to photos that display half body of a person. Your photo background should be professional and related to your brand to avoid boring the viewers. Neutral backgrounds and uncreative poses can ruin the interests of clients. Your brand culture and values should be displayed or reflected in the photos. For example, the law industry is always associated with the culture of extreme professionalism and trust. A headshot displaying a well-dressed person with an official suit and tie works best. 

Use of cohesive headshots enhance brand recognition and create positive first impressions from prospects. Photos help to humanise your brand and create a personalised bond with clients. By displaying headshots of managers and employees, people feel the company is taking full responsibility for its services. This will automatically cultivate customer trust and loyalty, which mostly result to return purchases. 


As a company, it is important to aim at uniqueness rather than to aim for conformity. Competition is stiff so make sure you display the uniqueness of your brand and make people easily differentiate you. The dress code, the venue of photos and other aspects should be typical to your company or brand. Let the photo session to be fun and exciting. Trying to make photo sessions too serious and strict could make people pose awkwardly and ruin the photos. 

Photos of Products and Services 

These are more than just photographic displays so proper shot taking should be done. They showcase the products and the quality of the brand itself. Colours, product posture, and other photo elements must work to enhance consumer interests. For luxury brands in fashion or luxury fragrance, parfumes or watches it is always advisable to use professional models for the shoots especially if images are used for an international campaign or publications. When unique photos of products are taken, they even help your clients and prospects to differentiate your brand from your competitors. 

Consumers can develop an interest in your products and company respectively so make sure you create an effective campaign during product launches or introduction of new features. Creativity is needed to ensure professional photos are taken. A slight mistake on your photos could ruin your brand image and make people find alternatives. 

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