Child actor shoot with Niamh

I like to photograph and feature new talent including child actors and actresses who are likely to make it very big one day. Check out kids actor shoot and feature with a very talented young actress Niamh Wygers that I had a pleasure meeting last week. She has such an interesting look; is so easy to work with and takes direction very well. Her ability getting into any character is very impressive and she made it so easy to capture her casting types in her actor shoot

Here is an example of Games of Thrones character:

Games of Thrones character photoshoot with child actress

Black and white moody portrait of a child actress

I am sure we will see lot more of her in the future on the big screen, in TV productions and in theatres. 

Niamh, age 11, has appeared in many short films, TVC and theatre productions over the past few years. You may have seen her in ‘Your Own Way’, ‘Octaves Apart’, ‘Lyra’, ‘Wake Up’ and H&M Holiday, to name just a few. Niamh’s ability to focus, take direction and absorb herself in character, has been recognised by several directors and photographers, and shows in her PAA exams in which she has received distinction. She currently studies musical theatre at Stagecoach, where she is also part of the elite troupe. They have recently had performances at the Shaftesbury and Adelphi Theatre, London. She is currently playing the role of Pepper in Annie at the Bridewell Theatre with the British Theatre Academy. Niamh lives in London and has representation from Rebecca Middleton Talent Agency.

Have you ever wondered what is it like to be a child actor / actress? Our interview with a young actor Niamh gives you some insight into acting as a young performer. 

Check out the interview with the young performer Niamh:

  • When did you first perform? 

I have always loved dancing and singing, I put on shoes for my parents from a very young age. I started going to stage school when I was 4.

  • Can you tell us more about character of Pepper in Annie at the Bridewell Theatre? How similar and how different is she to you?

 Pepper is a moody teenager who does not like to be bossed about but in the end she is kind to the other orphan girls. Well she is quite similar to me but I’m not as moody I don’t like to be bossed about but I would consider myself as kind and caring.

child actress photoshoot in London

child actor headshot London of Niamh

  • Which actor / actress do you look up to? 

Emma Watson, she’s amazing plus she got to Belle from Beauty & the Beast. Belle is my favourite Disney character.

  • If you had a magic wand, what show / film would you do next? 

I have always wanted to be Matilda, in Matilda the Musical, West End, but I’m too tall now! I auditioned for the part when I was 8, but sadly did not get through. I love to act, so any part that comes my way next, I would be delighted with.

  • Which actors would you like to work with? 

Emma Watson and Leonardo DiCaprio (need to wave the magic wand again!

  • What advice would you give to other young actors / performers? 

To be confident when you go into an audition and then to forget about it straight afterwards. If you don’t get the part, there will be others, after all you are only young so things are still waiting to happen. Just enjoy the experiences you get and remember to have fun.

young performer headshot in colour wearing a polka dress

Child actor shoot in London of Niamh

child actor headshot photographer in London - actress Niamh

What do you do in your spare time?

I’m pretty much always doing something to do with singing, dancing or acting but I also love watching movies and  hanging out with my friends and family.

Check out Niamh’s Instagram and follow her career as a young performer @niamhwygers

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