Black and white or colour actor headshots?

Are you an actor / actress deciding whether you need colour or black and white actor headshots?

There are uses for both versions - colour and black & white and often casting agents and even actor agents have a preference for one format. Therefore it is important to have a portfolio which consists of both and not favour just one format. 

B&W photography can be more impactful though and can make you stand out from other actors. Traditionally b&w headshots were the standard in the acting industry.  The biggest point of monochrome photos is that they strip away the colour making them less distracting. With black and white photos it is easier to focus on the person and their features. I would also argue that monochromatic images can be often more flattering and with creative lighting different moods can be created more easily to suit a personality of a person or character type. For a ‘villain’ role for example a moody black and white photo can make an actor stand out for such role especially when compared to mostly colour actor headshots. Sometimes being different can get you noticed.  


The main advantage of colour version is that it reveals your hair, eye colour and skin tone which can help casting agents when making a shortlist of suitable cast. It is for this reason that many casting directors have a preference or even ask for colour headshots so they are essential in any actor portfolio. Spotlight accepts both versions. 

Therefore it is important to have both black and white and colour actor headshots taken and available as part of your marketing toolkit and to send to acting agents. Good actor headshots will provide you with both versions.

Our actor headshot photographer Zuzana Breznanikova includes both black and white and colour photos in her actor photography packages. 

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