I want to become an actor, where do I start?

Do you want to become an actor / actress but not sure where to start? Here are few starting tips to break into acting.

Get educated

Traditionally actors get a formal training first so going to a drama school would be a typical route into acting. However nowadays it is possible to become an actor without going to drama school. However you will still need to learn your craft and as much as you can about acting through books, actor resources online and through acting workshops.


Preparation and practice is the key. You need to work on accents / dialects and prepare contrasting monologues. Often you are given a moments’ notice to pull out a monologue for an audition so make sure you are prepared for such opportunity. Practice as much as you can. Recording yourself and watching it back can be very useful and also constructive feedback from others. 

Build special skills

Sometimes special skills or abilities can help you get an audition so make sure you mention those on your acting resume. Learning languages, combat skills, martial arts or singing could make you stand in an audition especially if those skills could be useful for a role you are auditioning for. 

Get a professional audition headshot

Every actor needs a good actor headshot which is up-to-date and taken by a professional actor headshot photographer. You could even go further a get a full actor portfolio tailored to different acting roles that you might be suitable for. Such character or casting portfolio could really make you stand out from others and could make it easier for a casting director to see you in a specific role. Check out these 5 tips to acting auditions.

professional actor headshot of actor David Nutley by Zuzana Breznanikova

professional audition headshot of actress Elysia Wren by Actor headshot photographer Zuzana Breznanikova

Market yourself

As an actor you will need to develop yourself into a brand. Create actor profiles online on casting platforms like mandy.com where you can also apply for auditions directly. Once you have some acting credits make sure you join reputable actor directories like Spotlight and join Equity. Use social media to your advantage and network with other professional in the entertainment industry. 

Get acting experience

If you want to become an actor you will need to build acting resume. Apply to as many auditions as you can - there is nothing that substitutes actual acting experience. On a film set you will be able to observe and learn from established actors and that is the best kind of school you can get. 

Be nice

Make sure you are nice to everyone you come across. No ones wants to work with someone who is difficult to deal with or not nice. Being likable can even open the doors for you - first impressions matter. Networking and developing relationships in the industry can open opportunities for you. Be interested in other people. 

Be persistent

Be persistent and patient - success doesn’t happen overnight. Keep practicing, developing, auditioning and making most of acting opportunities. Don’t take rejection personally - you will never be right for every role. Persistence will pay off. 

Get an agent

Once you gain number of acting credits you should start looking for an agent. Acting agents have large networks in the industry and can open the door for you if you are a talented actor. They can help you get an audition that are not easily accessible. Career guidance from an experienced acting agent can be invaluable. 

Zuzana Breznanikova is actor headshot photographer based in London whose full acting portfolios are in a big demand with actors and best acting agents. Get her book: Get into Acting that is available on iBooks, Kindle and Amazon for a full guide to getting into acting and becoming an actor. 

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