Actor headshots that get you auditions

The key to getting a call-in for an audition is sending a headshot that matches the role as this is what casting directors look for - that will make you stand out. Now this is really difficult with traditional actor headshots with a blank expression and which do not show any personality. 

So how do you make your headshot ‘pop’ to casting directors? 

Show character in the photos you send for auditions that match the role you want to be considered for - casting directors need to see you / envision you in that role so help them to do that. It could make or break your career. 

Below is a sample of a casting image for ‘friendly’ roles for actress Alysia Wren who is currently female lead in ‘Fast and Furious’ Live in O2 Arena - playing ‘tough’ female role of Sofia Diaz. To show her versatility I have shot actor portfolio for her which shows her versatility as an actress and ‘friendly’ side of her as well showing casting directors her suitability for such roles. We have even shot some images that would suit a period drama for example. 

The second important point is to make sure that you provide casting directors with a genuine representation of you - retouching photos to make you look ‘better’ or overly lit (so traditional) won’t do you any favours when you walk into that audition and do not match the photo on basis on which casting director picked you. The headshots also need to show your up-to-date appearance - if you had a haircut since your headshots then it is time to get them updated.  

Some of the most successful actors like Leonardo DiCaprio are also very versatile and can play many different characters. Show your versatility as an actor - get a full actor portfolio that shows your range or casting types. This will increase your chances of getting a call in for different types of roles. In any case I have not met any actor yet who would like to be type-casted into one role. By having a portfolio of images that cover your range you will increase your chances that you get selected as suitable for a role being cast. Make the odds in your favour - do not send the same old bleached out emotionless old school headshots; ensure that your photos have that ‘wow’ factor to make you ‘pop’ as one casting director puts it and only send them images that suit the role. 

professional actor portfolio of David Nutley

actor headshot of David Nutley

actor headshot of Craig McGinlay

Craig McGinlay by actor headshot photographer Zuzana Breznanikova

Zuzana Breznanikova is a London’s foremost actor headshot photographer with her extremely popular casting portfolios that enable you to walk out with that ‘wow’ portfolio (hundreds of images) at the end of your shoot! Get a new kind of actor headshots this year that will get you auditions

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