Actor Headshots vs Portfolios

Actor Headshots & Talent / Casting portfolios 

Tightly cropped actor headshots are boring! If you have a varied casting portfolios showing all your casting types then this increases your chances of getting a particular role. It can help the casting director to see you in that role. Actor portrait photographer Zuzana Breznanikova is being in demand by increasing number of top acting agents in the UK, Europe and US who want a varied portfolio for their clients to send out to casting directors and increase the likelihood of being casted for a particular role as the images will match the role more closely. With traditional actor headshots everyone looks the same - it doesn’t make actor stand out from the crowd and catch casting director’s attention.   

actor headshot of Jordy Casteleijn

Craig McGinlay by actor headshot photographer Zuzana Breznanikova

actor portfolio shoot of actor Craig McGinlay

Black and white portraiture of Jordy Casteleijn

actor portfolio of Deano Bugatti

casting portfolio shoot with Konstantinos Karvelis

Deano Buggati - actor portrait photography

B&W headshot of Claudiah Brown

casting portfolio photography of Konstantinos Karvelis

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