5 Tips for becoming an influencer

Do you want to become a social media influencer? Here are 5 tips that tell you how to grow your social media following and become an influencer:

1. Determine the type of influencer you want to be and your niche 

It is important to find your niche unless you are a celebrity already in which case it will is your life that people want to see. It helps if you are already an expert in that niche area - for example fitness if you are fitness trainer or fashion if that is what you studied or if you are a fashionista. Besides celebrity - consumer areas of fashion, makeup or fitness tend to attract good sponsorship deals and high earnings. 

2. Pick one social media platform to focus on 

It is impossible to focus on all platforms as there are so many - focusing your efforts on one main platform is likely to result in better consistency and results.  There are number of factors you should consider when picking your main channel including how well it fits your niche, the popularity of the channel and revenue potential, your strengths and interests. YouTube is still the most lucrative channel where top influencers can earn millions so if being in front of camera is your thing than you might want to consider making YouTube videos. Instagram’s sponsored posts are also booming - find out how to promote yourself on Instagram. Twitter does not attract the same kind of earnings but it is a good platform for promoting your posts.   

3. Create amazing content and be authentic 

Create value for your community. Know your audience when creating the content but do make sure you stay true to your voice. Don’t be afraid to say to an advertisers that doesn’t fit your values. Tell a story - storytelling can be very powerful especially on YouTube - videos which are personal and connect on an emotional level with people tend to attract followers. 

4. Be consistent and engage with followers

Be active and consistent - many very successful YouTube influencers post on certain days / times. With consistence you build up anticipation with your subscribers / viewers. By engaging with followers and building relationships you will build a strong following. Engagement is an important metric for advertisers - not just follower count and it is an indication of the influence. 

5. Market

As an influencer you are developing a personal brand and marketing and PR can help you to do that quicker. If you are a TV personality, actor, artist, musician or other talent it is essential that you get a professional headshot / talent portfolio for any press releases. It is best to choose a photographer who specialises in talent shoots

Zuzana Breznanikova is a London based fashion, talent and portrait photographer - she helps talent, personalities and social media influencers with their marketing and PR needs. 

Celebrity / Fashion influencer Sophie Hermann by PR and celebrity portrait photographer Zuzana Breznanikova. 

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