5 Tips for acing your acting audition

Here are 5 tips to help you ace your acting audition:

1. Have up-to-date headshot

Your actor headshot needs to be accurate. You could ruin your chances if a casting director sees a different person in the audition than in the actor headshot on the basis of which he or she picked you off. Choose the right actor headshot photographer who will give you a range of different shots to suit your casting types to improve your chances of ‘fit’ with a specific role

2. Prepare

Preparing for your audition is essential. Do some research and try to understand what the casting director is looking for. Dress right for the part. Practicing in front of a mirror can really help and rehearsing on camera. The more you practice the more confident you will feel on the day of your audition. Be on time for your audition. Casting directors hate excuses so don’t make any even if you had less than 48 hours to prepare - make most of time you have. 

3. Use Visualisation

Imagery or positive visualisation is used by top athletes and is recommended by top performance coaches as there is plenty of research showing it works. Visualise the audition and positive outcome and imagine you are already in the role. You must expect the unexpected and be able to improvise if you are directed. 

4. Meditate 

Meditation prior to your acting audition can really help to calm nerves and improve concentration. It can be as simple as closing your eyes or focusing on a point in the distance and taking a few slow deep breaths. Meditating on a regular basis can lessen worry, anxiety, improve resilience and increase mental strength and focus. Some famous actors that have openly discussed benefits of meditation for them are Hugh Jackman, Clint Eastwood, Nicole Kidman and Gwyneth Paltrow. 

5. Show Confidence

Focus on yourself - you have prepared and know the part. Remember the audition is not a memory test so it is ok if you a bit off-book. Remember that you must have something on offer to get this far. Show confidence when you enter the room and make a good eye contact - first impressions matter. Try to connect with a casting director on a personal level - remember they are just humans like you. Make the room your own and enjoy the audition - be real and natural. Do not look for validation by asking if you were ok and remember to say thank you at the end of your audition. 

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Zuzana Breznanikova is a London based actor photographer working with top actors and agents in London, Europe and US

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