Actor Headshots & Casting Actor Portfolios that show your range

Say goodbye to old style overlit actor headshots showing no emotion or personality and embrace the hottest new trend - cinematic feel casting portfolio that is tailored to specific roles by in-demand Photographer Zuzana Breznanikova shooting for top agents in London and worldwide.

Actor / Casting Portfolios

Full actor portfolios by portrait photographer Zuzana provide the following benefits to actors / agents and are already popular in the US and Europe and now taking off in the UK too:

  • Show the versatility of an actor
  • Capture personality and emotions
  • Showcase playing / casting types of an actor
  • Provide a portfolio of different images to be sent to casting agents to match a specific role
  • Catch attention / make an actor stand out

Give your agent the best tools to work for you - character actor portfolio of the highest standard that showcases your playing and casting types and showcase your acting potential, ability and versatility.

Actor agency credits: Identity Agency Group, Creative Artists Management, United Agents, Storm Special Bookings, Select Model Management - Talent Division, Grantham-Hazeldine, Simon & How, Brood Management...

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Stand out with actor / casting portfolios from London Photo Portfolios

Full actor portfolios are superior to traditional actor headshots. Showcase your casting ranges to casting directors and your personality. Book your shoot with a renowned portrait photographer Zuzana Breznanikova

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