Model Interview: Jordy Casteleijn on Modelling

“In modelling and commercial acting it is very important to be confident and believe in yourself, because if you doubt yourself it will show.”

    Jordy Casteleijn

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  • What has been your favourite modelling job so far?   
  • Hard to choose, but I guess the job in Portugal, I was flown there in business class, we had 3 days of shooting; 1 on a super awesome sail yacht, 1 on a festival and 1 in a set-up pool-party at a beautiful mansion. So basically we we’re just partying with tons of cool people and beautiful women around us. How good can life be? #thanksagainBecks!

  • What are some of the brands you have worked with? 

Desigual, Coca-cola, Beck’s, Carlsberg, Pegasus, Audi, Font Vella

  • What do you like most about modelling? 

Travelling, new teams every time, the amount of free time next to the jobs.

  • Do you have any funny stories from photoshoots? 

The moment when Adriana Lima walked in on the Desigual set and first saw me. I was lying down on a kind of (fire) hearth… naked. With just a paper folded plane on my private parts. She walks in and sees me, that moment she asks me, ‘what is it that you’re wearing?’. You don’t want to know the feeling I felt, here I am meeting one of world’s top models, crazy beautiful woman of my dreams and I’m wearing only a paper folded airplane. Ha! we had a good laugh though!

  • Which actor do you admire? 

Leonardo DiCaprio - need I say anything at all? this guy nails it every time, any role you give him he freaking nails it and this is since he started his acting career, such a natural! And if that isn’t enough, next to his work as an actor he is such a big inspiration for me with his work on doing good for the world, a true environmentalist, pure awesomeness!

  • What advice would you give to aspiring models? 

Hard one, since I’m not too sure what it is that makes a successful model. I guess something very important is to be confident and believe in yourself, because if you doubt yourself it will show, and thats not what clients are looking for. A thick skin might come in handy as well, it’s not personal, so don’t take it personal. They judge you on the way you look, not the way you are, but its the way you are that will count in the long run, never forget this. Of course make the effort to look good on the outside, but put at least equal that effort on looking good on the inside. Ow, and hey, be friendly. But thats an advice that works very well for anybody, not just aspiring models ;)

  • I know that getting into commercials is very difficult. What pointers would you give to any models or actors trying to land a commercial acting gig?

Try to go into castings relaxed, tell yourself that they’re also just people (which is actually true), and talk with them like how you would talk to your family or friends. Then don’t be embarrassed, they asked you to act out something really odd, then don’t be embarrassed when you actually start to act odd. Make sure that in the casting you really understand what the casting director is looking for and wants to see from you. If you’re not completely clear, just keep asking until you’re fully sure of what they would like to see in your acting; then kill it!

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Model Interview: Hannah Judd on Modelling

“Fashion week is crazy. There are like 20 - 25 castings everyday for a week. You have fittings all night to the early morning sometimes. It’s so stressful but so much fun - makes it worth it. ”

Hannah Judd

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  • Can you tell us bit about you?

Hey guys!! My name is Hannah Judd, I’m 22 years old and from Melbourne Australia. I love animals and traveling!

  • How did you get into modelling?

I was actually scouted on Bondi Beach in Sydney Australia. I was 18 and had just finished high school so timing seemed perfect. 

  • Can you describe a typical day in a life of a model? 

Each day is a different day for me really. If I’m not working, I’ll have castings and go to the gym. 

  • What have been some of your favourite modelling experiences to date? 

I did a shoot in Hawaii on a boat which was amazing. 

  • What do you miss most when you travelling? 

I miss my family and friends the most for sure. And my bed. 

  • What is fashion week like? 

Fashion week is crazy. There are like 20-25 castings every day for a week. You have fittings all night to the early morning sometimes. It’s so stressful but so much fun. Makes it worth it. 

  • How do keep in shape? 

Gym and walking! I walk a lot to castings so I end up walking 1-2 hours a day. I go gym about 3-4 times a week.

  • Are your family and friends supportive of your modelling career? 

Yeah my family and friends are super supportive of my modelling career. I wouldn’t be able to do this job without them. Modelling is very tough career, people think it’s so simple and just standing there but it’s so much more. 

  • What advice would you give to aspiring models?

My advice would be to not taking anything too personally. You have to be confident in who you are. Everyone is beautiful in a unique way. 

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Black and White Fine Art Children’s Portraiture

London based Photographer Zuzana Breznanikova is a celebrity fine art portraiture photographer. Her black and white fine art kids portrait photography is in high demand. 

Kids photoshoot FAQ’s

Do I get all the photos from the shoot?

Yes - our packages are all-inclusive so you get all of the photographs from your shoot, which you get at the end of your child’s portrait session! We do not sell products. 

When is Zuzana available for private portrait sessions for children or teens?

Being a Vogue published photographer and having worked with Harrods her availability for private shoots is limited but she offers portrait sessions at weekends (Saturdays & Sundays) which are very popular with parents so book your child’s photo shoot in advance to avoid disappointment. 

Where are you based?

The studio is in Notting Hill that is centrally based, with some free parking available at weekends. 

Does she photographs all children’s ages?

Due to studio restrictions, her portrait sessions are available to kid’s who are 6 years old and above. Parents must accompany their child. 

Does Zuzana shoot children model portfolios?

Yes - she has over 16 years modelling industry experience and photographs professional model portfolios for teens and more recently also kids. She shoots junior model portfolios for both girls and boys. She has worked with top model agents in London. 

Do her portrait shoots make a good gift?

The portrait photoshoots with Zuzana make a great gift for children and are fun. However we do not advise to gift the shoot to a child or even a teen as a surprise as it can be overwhelming. 

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